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The booklet has a stunning gold print. 32 leaves per booklet.

100฿ per piece



The King Size Slim Rolling Papers by RAW are rolling papers that are entirely natural and vegan. They are unbleached and made from unrefined paper without any chemical additives. The gum used for the RAW papers is natural hemp gum. These finest quality ultra-thin rolling papers burn evenly and make for a very clean and pure taste. One pack contains 32 rolling papers. Made in Spain.

80฿ per piece


RAW Organic King Size Slim Longpapers are made from organically grown hemp, are unbleached and contain no unnatural additives. The glue surface is made of a natural gum and thanks to the patented Criss-Cross watermark, the papers burn very slowly and evenly. Papes from RAW contain no genetically modified raw materials, are vegan and are produced sustainably in Spain. Much of the energy needed for production is generated from wind power and the dry - warm air on site naturally helps with the drying processes. One booklet contains 32 sheets.

100฿ per piece

RAW Hemp Filter Tips Wide

Filter bottom is made of 100% natural material, not bleached. Eco-friendly and biodegradable, every paper filter bottom Through the production process that is wrapped in a special protective paper.

RAW, we pay attention to details in protecting paper from bacteria

  • Filter bottom 50 tips / Book

  • Length : 25 mm.

60​ ฿

RAW Classic 1¼

RAW Classic 1¼ is the true original size paper and is also known as “Spanish Size”.

This size of paper is the starting point for all available paper rolls, whether KingSizeSlim or Cones.

All kinds of RAW paper, we aim to produce paper for everyone to smoke using all natural raw materials. To provide everyone with the best smoking experience possible.

  • Length : 79 mm.

  • Total paper : 32 sheets / 1 Book

  • Suitable for roll paper size 1¼

50 ฿

SmokeBuddy Smoke Filter

The smokebuddy Jr is a personal smoke filter. When using smokebuddy’s personal air purification device, one can avoid this dangerous second hand-smoke by exhaling and blowing the smoke through the smokebuddy filter.

450​ ฿

HORNET Smoking Hemp Wick 16.5 FT

Made Of Natural Hemp & Beeswax Organic Hemp Wick With Natural Beeswax Coating. Hemp Wick Roll 16.5ft(5Meters) Long per Roll, 12rolls per box. Fox Claw retail-ready gift box included.Sealed package. 100% REPLACEMENT to lighters & matches.

100฿ per piece

Hornet King Size Slim Paper&Tips +Tray&Grinder

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  • Unbleached Paper

  • Purest Natural Organic Fiber

  • 50 Sheet

100 ฿

Puffman 1 1/4 pre-rolled cones

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Puffman 1 1/4 size natural organic gum unbleached brown paper pre-rolled cones.

  • Pure natural

  • GMO Free

  • 100% Organic

  • Slow Burning

130฿ 6 cones per flat box

Plastic Grinder Jar

How to use:

  • 1.Open the cap.

  • 2.Pour the materials stored in the bottle into the bottom chamber.

  • 3.Insert the grinder into the bottom chamber.

  • 4.Twist the grinder with two hands.

  • 5.Check if the grind is finished.

  • 6.Pore the ground material into the grinder top for storage.

1 Piece / 180 ฿

Plastic Joint Holder Tubess

180 ฿

250 ฿

150 ฿


TOPPUFF 2pcs Plastic and Glass Reusable Straw Kit , Portable Water Straw on The Bottle

✔the portable kit set with everything contains 2x straw.

✔Suitable for most of screw threaded bottles, fill bottle with water to your desired amount.

✔Easy to use and clean, the size in one hand is convenient for you to carry at any time.

✔ reuseable and is portable travel

✔Made of high quality material.Practical and Glass design makes it easy to use.

250 ฿

Metal Steel Pipe Screens

Metal Steel Pipe Screens in the pack of 5pcs. This one fit into most of our medium-large pipes. Made from soft metal.

30฿ For Pack

Bong 18"(45cm/9mm) 3,550 ฿

Bong 10"(26cm/5mm) 1,100 ฿

Out Stock

Bong 10"(26cm/5mm) 1,100 ฿

Bong 10"(26cm/5mm) 1,100 ฿

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Cookies Bong 10"(26cm/5mm) 1,290 ฿

Out Stock

Rick&Morty Bong 16"(34cm/7mm) 1,650 ฿

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